Winter on the Rocks

Winter on the Rocks Tickets Red RocksMusic and nature are the most beautiful creations one can think of, which wash away our everyday stress and gives a break from the action-packed lifestyle. Imagine how breathtaking an event could be which has the amalgamation of a musical phenomenon and a geological phenomenon. Yes, we are talking about the Winter on the Rocks festival at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, popularly known as “Winter on the Rocks at Red Rocks”.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre situated in Colorado is an iconic venue designed by Mother Nature. Its grandeur could leave anyone spellbound and its architecture is one of a kind. The amphitheater is a majestic transitional zone where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, and great Music meets great spectators at the annual “Winter on the Rocks” music festival.

“Winter on the Rocks” music festival, is the first ever winter music concert to be held at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and continues as an annual even since then. Since its onset in the year 2012, “Winter on the Rocks” has witnessed an impressive line –up of artists like “Atmosphere” and “Common” at their first landmark event. The second annual even was adorned by the likes of Ryan Lewis along Macklemore, accompanied by Major Lazer, Neelais and the Grouch & Eligh. This year the legacy of exceptional music is being carried forward by the “JURRASIC 5” and “Ghost land Observatory”. This is not it, there’s a special guest to be announced and visitors from all around are eagerly waiting for the revelation.

The event became an instant hit with music lovers of far and near, and each year the popularity seems to be exponentially increasing. The brilliant performances delivered by the great artists and the evocative atmosphere created by the crowd makes it an evening, one would want to linger upon. The serenity of the location just adds to the enthralling experience. Witnessing your favorite artists live at 6,450 feet above the sea level, is a sensation you certainly would want to feel.

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