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     Sunday, April 5, 2015 will be the first MLB Game this season at the newly refurbished Wrigley Field, and the season will end on Sunday, October 4, 2015.  Just like last season there will be a total of 76 games between the teams and they will play 19 games against each division opponent, and six or seven games against each team from the other two divisions for a total of 66 games. 

     Some changes to expect on the field this year uniform wise has the New York Mets, The Minnesota Twins, The Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants and The Cleveland Indians all have changed up the uniforms a bit from previous years.  The following teams will be wearing commemorative patches to honor special occasions.  AZ Diamondbacks in memory of hostage victim taken by ISIS, Kayla Mueller during March 3-8, Chicago Cubs in memory of Ernie Banks or “Mr. Cub” to all his adoring fans who loved him during his 19 years with the Cubs.  Chicago White Sox in memory of Minnie Minoso nicknamed “The Cuban Comet” & “Mr. White Sox”, The Cincinnati Reds have a 25th anniversary World Series champions reunion and are hosting the 2015 All Star Game.  Houston Astros are marking their 50th anniversary of having the nickname Astros this year.  The St. Louis Cardinals are commemorating Oscar Taveras also known as “The Phenomenon” who was signed at the age of 16 in 2008 as an international amateur. He made his MLB debut in 2014, but died after the playoffs in a car accident when he returned home to the Dominican Republic.  The Washington Nationals are celebrating their 10th season in Washington this year.  For any and all games home or away we have every ticket package you could hope for right here!

     2015 begins the second year of MLB’s eight-year deal with FOX, ESPN, & TBS.  FOX will televise Saturday night games for eight consecutive weeks leading up to the All Star Game, which airs on FOX also again this year.  FOX will televise Saturday afternoon games for the last four weeks of the regular season.  FOX Sports 1 is in its second year and will televise games on Tuesday and Saturday during the afternoon and night.  ESPN will televise on its flagship telecast, Sunday Night Baseball, as well as Monday and Wednesday nights.  TBS will have Sunday afternoon games for the last 13 weeks of the regular season.  All other national telecasts are subject to local blackouts except for FOX, & ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.  


MLB Baseball

Major League Baseball was one of the first professional sports leagues in the world. Officially the league recognizes 1869 as its starting date. Though, the first real recognizable league game came in 1876 when Cubs and Braves took the field as part of the National League. Yes, the official first league was the NL. The American League did not become part of the MLB until the beginning of the 20th century, after the two leagues had already organized the World Series and the NL became sick of the AL stealing its players.

Really, these dual leagues, or there interaction, has defined the MLB. They play each in the World Series, in the All Star game and now in interleague play. In this regard the American League has a 62-46 edge over the National League in the WS, the National League has a 43-38 in the All Star Game, and the AL has indeed dominated since the beginning of Interleague Play.

Without a doubt, the most successful MLB team has been the New York Yankees, who have been to more than twice as many World Series as the next team and has won 27 of those series. The next most successful club has been the St. Louis Cardinals, who have won 11. In the modern age, it has not been the Yankees, but the Giants, Red Sox, and Cardinals who have been the most dominant.

Really, this is a new era in Major League Baseball. The league used to be defined by dynasties and Golden Ages, but now parity seems to have asserted itself. Even though the Giants, Red Sox, and Cards have been dominant, no team has won more than two championships in the 21st century. This means MLB tickets are really a worthy purchase as it seems any team has a chance to win its franchise’s first championship or end a curse.